Hands off culture and media in Hungary!

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Paul Kestyn

#176 Don't give up on what is important

2011-01-01 00:57

The progress of the people in your country and what they mean to the rest of the world cannot be undone or reversed. We need, now more than ever, the addition of the Hungary people's creativity, humanity and love in the world. The nexus is always the point of departure. Don't let doubt get in the way of improving you country, and, through it, the world.

Ezt a hozzászólást a szerzője eltávolította (Részletek)

2011-01-01 03:13


#178 Dictatorship

2011-01-01 03:35

Dictatorship seems to be Fidesz way. To curtail freedom of expression and speech only hob ties honest political movements such as Jobbik, Fidesz's only real rival. Just as the Hungarista's wanted to avoid war prior to 1941 during the Horthy era, so do these modern "Conservatives" wish to bend to the tune of their American bankers who seem to be their backers.
Let's have honest open debate keeping in mind that Hungarian interests are to be kept in the forefront. If other countries can discuss issues no matter whose tender feelings are hurt why cannot the Hungarians?
Heather McGehee

#179 Free The Human Heart

2011-01-01 10:57

Art is the vehicle for expressing the deepest feelings of the human heart. The laws that we create as human beings should facilitate such expression. Otherwise, we are writing laws against ourselves, against our own human aspirations. The most successful human relationships, whether between friends, relatives, lovers, associates, or acquaintances, are marked by openness and honesty. The relationship between non-governing citizens and governing citizens is best when it works as a partnership.

A civilized society sees dissent as an opportunity for dialogue--for assuring that the concerns of all its citizens are heard and debated in an open forum. A government that demands that its citizens be silent is a government that wants its citizens to be false. People that must be false to themselves will feel frustration and frustration leads to rebellion and rebellion, well, Hungary has already seen where rebellion leads... If Hungary wants to enjoy the harmony that comes with democracy, its leaders must support freedom of expression and thus support freedom for the main channels of that expression--the media and the arts.

wilhelm schenz

#180 hungary or belarus?

2011-01-02 15:02

it always gets worse before it gets better. but how can so many hungarians believe that this is the right way? did they forget how it was before 1989? i hope you will wake up soon, my friends. censorship is the first step to a totalitarian system.
Lionel Haas

#182 Hands off culture and media

2011-01-03 17:04

Is this what many died for at the Prague spring? Those courageous people who sacrificed themselves for freedom would now turn in their graves.
What a disgrace to the European Union. Somebody do something...
Lajos Nagy


2011-01-03 18:08

Vegyétek észre magyarok, hogy mi történik veletek rátok hivatkozva !
Jan Stolterfoht

#184 Defend our freedom!!

2011-01-03 18:12

Let´s say no and react, before it´s too late. Democracy is in danger in ALL western countries. We have too defend our freedom!
Laurence Pohl


2011-01-03 20:31

Yes keep your filthy hands off culture and media in Hungry. You are narrow minded idiots, as you are stifling your own culture.
Laurence Pohl


2011-01-03 20:32

Yes keep your filthy hands off culture and media in Hungry. You are narrow minded idiots, as you are stifling your own culture.
Lynn Pohl

#187 Prtotect the Arts and Artists

2011-01-03 20:51

We must be vigilant in protecting the arts and people who perform the arts. Life is nothing without art.
Jakob Flükiger


2011-01-04 13:44

Hungary don't go back to stalinism!
Laia Genc

#189 Democracy

2011-01-04 16:45

and freedom for a better world to live in!

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2011-01-06 03:23

Ezt a hozzászólást a szerzője eltávolította (Részletek)

2011-01-06 03:24

Gorcin Stojanovic

#192 today/tommorow

2011-01-06 12:03

today in hungary, tommorow in your place

#193 Re: Would Fidesz support its political opponents (when in power) in installing a Mediatanacs?

2011-01-06 12:41

vincenzo pirrotta


2011-01-07 11:20

In Italy we have the same problem, our government is destroying what this nation has done in the field of culture, and our minister of the economy each year reduces the support for culture, said: "the culture does not try to eat put dante in a sandwich!
As you can see we are brothers in misfortune!
Marc Martin

#195 A bas l'ennemi!

2011-01-07 14:23

Dans toutes les langues et par tous les moyens, sapons la dictature qu'Orbán et sa clique de fascistes épris sans rire de la sainte trinité "travail, famille, patrie" instaurent sous nos yeux. La bête immonde bave encore. Étouffons-la, avant qu'elle nous chie dans la bouche. A bas l'ennemi!
Giorgos Sarantis-Aridas


2011-01-07 18:34

Wir sind empört über die Entwicklung in Unganr, die uns fatal an die Zeit der "sozialistischen" Diktatur erinnert und fashistoide Züge hat. Offensichtlich hat Ungarn die Vergangenheit nicht bewältigt. Wenn sich nichts ändert, gehört Ungarn nicht in die Europäische Union.
Lengyel Anna

#197 Empörung

2011-01-08 05:58

#196: Giorgos Sarantis-Aridas -  

Das hört sich sehr einfach an. Wie steht es um die Bürger dieses Landes? Wollt ihr nicht auch an uns denken, die diese Halb-Diktatur aus vollem Herzen verachten und alles in unserer Macht tun, diese orbans loszuwerden? 

Gabor Bardos


2011-01-08 14:55

Felháborító és türhetetlen.
Anna Kovács


2011-01-08 21:44

Onnantól, hogy a kormányzat korlátozza a művészet és a sajtó szabadságát, nem lehet demokráciáról beszélni. Mindig is abban a hitben éltem, hogy ez egy civilizált ország, de úgy tűnik, a vezetőség mindent megtesz, hogy a felvilágosult gondolkodásnak még a nyoma se maradjon. Elkeserítő.
Hegedűs Sándor

#200 Sajtó szabadság 1848

2011-01-13 21:34

most újra el kezdeni kűzdeni a sajtószabadságért, egy olyan ember ellen aki állítólag úgyan ezért (többek között) kűzdött húsz-harminc éve, míly nagy szégyen ez a mi magyarságúnkra, ennyi, üdv. Hegeda!!!