Hands off culture and media in Hungary!

Heather McGehee

/ #179 Free The Human Heart

2011-01-01 08:57

Art is the vehicle for expressing the deepest feelings of the human heart. The laws that we create as human beings should facilitate such expression. Otherwise, we are writing laws against ourselves, against our own human aspirations. The most successful human relationships, whether between friends, relatives, lovers, associates, or acquaintances, are marked by openness and honesty. The relationship between non-governing citizens and governing citizens is best when it works as a partnership.

A civilized society sees dissent as an opportunity for dialogue--for assuring that the concerns of all its citizens are heard and debated in an open forum. A government that demands that its citizens be silent is a government that wants its citizens to be false. People that must be false to themselves will feel frustration and frustration leads to rebellion and rebellion, well, Hungary has already seen where rebellion leads... If Hungary wants to enjoy the harmony that comes with democracy, its leaders must support freedom of expression and thus support freedom for the main channels of that expression--the media and the arts.