Global Smart Hands Support Business

Global Smart Hands Support

Global installations and deployments are taken care of by Global Smart Hands. There are many different support services smart hands can offer though. Assistance and general technical troubleshooting, both onsite and offsite, is provided. They can also take care of equipment installations and configurations, ladder racking, pre-wiring for patch panels and equipment. The interface card removal, installation and configuration can also be dealt with by smart hands.

Signalling is important and smart hands can test proper signalling, as well as testing media. When doing remote troubleshooting work, they can also provide visual verifications, inventorying and the labeling of equipment. They can provide assistance with AV equipment and in the conference room, alongside power cycling routers, servers and switches. Smart hands also add, remove and verify demarcations for clients and businesses.

Equipment and cables can be secured and moved when necessary by smart hands, and they can rack and unrack equipment. Installation, decommissions and maintenance can all be covered by their services as well. When hardware components need to be replaced or upgraded, they’ll carry out that work, as well as rotating and exchanging tapes. They can use local KVM to troubleshoot equipment and enter commands before relaying the system responses back to the client.

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