Hands off culture and media in Hungary!

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Katie Vida

#1 Basic Freedoms

2010-12-14 03:18

Culture is a basic freedom for us all-it should not be tampered with by any government under any condition. I am publicly submitting my name to this petition to demonstrate the grave importance of this moment in Hungary's history so that past tragedies not be relived. As a second generation Hungarian and as someone whose father participated in the revolution of 1956, I beg that the terrible imbalance in the Hungarian Parliament be challenged with deserving questions and results.

Katie Vida



#123 Re: Basic Freedoms

2010-12-21 12:00:13

#1: Katie Vida - Basic Freedoms 

The problem is, that "They" elected a "maniac" to the post of the Prime Minister - now they will have the consequences... There is nothing that can be done. Democracy is dad in Hungary. I am really happy not to have  to live there!