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2012-02-07 18:47,,,,
Claims, Slogans, Requests against EU, EC and Barroso.
Proposed sentences for the peace demonstration:

Let Hungary alone! No EU dictatorship!
Stop forcing Hungary and other European Nations into slavery of global financials!
Stop attacking Hungary!
Stop attack against sovereignty of Hungary!
Stop the lying and unscrupulous left liberalism!
Stop the dictatorship of EC and Barroso!
Down with Barroso! Remove Barroso!
Stop the unlimited and uncontrolled power of financial rating companies!
Stop the financial cartels and its gangsterism and gangster era!
Abolition of exploitation of Hungary by financial lobbies!
Abolition of exploitation of Hungary by financial lobbies of the Global!
Down with the liar left liberalism and its well paid hireling slaves and agents!
Down with the imperial money pump of the parasitic and corrupt global world financial power!

The freedom believer Hungarian People