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2015-10-29 20:27

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Mickey Simon Dear madam Ambassador; You are talking about the corruption of the Hungarian Government, while you neglecting to address your own government. To be truthful, it is not called corruption in your country, but simply lobbying. Lobbying by the arms manufacturing people, lobbying by the Israeli government, and to what end. That lobbying started the Iraqi war, How many milliard dollars, and amerikan lives were lost in that war, let alone the Iraqi people? What kind of political system is that always try to manipulate other countries to be a vassal to Washington? What kind of a political system is that tries to topple duly elected government of other countries, simply just because they don't want your kind of "democracy" that is being delivered by your air force, and utter destruction? What kind of a political system is what demands from their Europien partners to put sanctions on Russia, while, at the same time, they themselves have increase their business with the demonized Russia, by 17%? Dear madam Ambassador, please try and be honest, did you ever saw any attempt of controlling the press? (like in Germany lately, with forbidding reporters to inform the public of the migrants criminal activities) Did you ever saw reports, or any proof of falsifying news? Reporting darn lies? When you going to see them, than complain about them. In your country, the constitution is all but gone to the dogs. It is no longer protecting the American people from their over zealous government. In your country the police force have killed more citizens then American service man have been killed in the war with Afghanistan and Iraq combined. We are, in this neck of woods are informed also.