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2015-10-29 17:41

Open letter to Mrs. Coleen Bell, Ambassador of the U.S.A. in Hungary

Respected Madam Ambassador:

Bernadett Felső, a simple Hungarian citizen is turning to you in this letter. I am standing amazedly and speechless in indignation affected by your words delivered at the Corvinus University.

Madam, it does not seem to be your task in this country to criticize the Government and its actions, but to represent your own country, and to cultivate the friendship and business relations between Hungary and the U.S.A.

The incumbent Government of Hungary has been elected democratically, with a majority of 2,707,292 out of 4,936,032 electors. Those who say, there is no democracy in Hungary do - hard to utter this word - lie. How would it be possible for gays to demonstrate if there were no democracy? Please, do not confuse the word democracy with liberalism and anarchism!

You did also mention the freedom of media. I would like to say a few words to this, as well. You must know the weekly called Magyar Narancs. That typal product had demonstrated a photo montage which suggested that the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is Adolf Hitler. It is damnable, but apart from all this, it is a proof of the liberty of media. Let me ask you: what consequences would procure a similar presentation of President Barack Obama in your country? I presume, the slightest consequence would be imprisonment, wouldn't it? Yes, I know the rule: Quod licet Iovi, non licet Bovi. But why not? Perhaps, I would rather not want to know your answer.

Most probably, once you have been appointed to be the Ambassador of the U.S.A. in Hungary, you must be familiar with our history in detail; well this is the minimum that can be required of an Ambassador. Then you must know that as early as when there was a blooming culture in the Karpathian basin already, your country had not even been explored, and aboriginals in loin-cloths were grubbing along there. By now, the United States of America has become the most influential and richest country in the world. Yet, she is separated from Mexico with a fencing and hosts of armed men, and it is better not to mention her propugnation from Cuba. Will you, please, tell me, why does your country not allow the people of those countries to immigrate into the U.S.A.? And why are US borderguards empowered to kill tresspassers on the border?

Will you, please, allow me to cite your own words "Every sovereign state shall be entitled to defence its border. At the same time, as a member of the international community, every state has the elemental obligation to help refugees who are seeking safety." Why does then your country not respect the same rule? Why does your country send arms to Lebanon, why is your country interested in maintaining belligerency. Why are you entitled to do this?

I do not expect any answer. I only want to elucidate that one shall make a clean sweep around one's house first and, thereafter, tell the leader of another country how to manage his own country.

After you have managed and revived a country, we, the Hungarian people, will kindly accept your advices. Until that, we ask you with respect, to be confined to the scope of your own work. If it is contained in the scope of your work and in the interest of the United States to begrime Hungary and its dignitaries, then there may arise many questions as to what the intentions of your President are with us, Hungarians.

Hungary is not part of the United States, Hungary is not part of any other country. Hungary is a sovereign country, Hungarians are a democratic and conservative people who will not allow, while alive, to stamp us down.

I, and the majority of the Hungarian people are asking you with respect to make statements hard but not abusive and degrading.

Thank you for your attention.

With respect:

Felső Bernadett