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Gender studies are integral part of academic curriculum. I have been teaching gender related courses at the University of Warsaw since 2009 and at the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) since 1992. I can't believe that a government can ban it.

Ewa Hauser (Warsaw, 2018-08-16)


Freedom of universities is the ultimate test for democracy. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Hungary not to fail this test.

Łukasz Pakuła (Poznań, 2018-08-16)


Sérti a tanszabadság elvét.

Balázs László (Bugapest, 2018-08-16)


Gender Studies as a discipline and is related methodologies, theories and practices are integral to the workings of many institutions and for the progress of a more inclusive and better world. From tackling the gender pay gap to dealing with gender based violence again women and men as well as introducing the now common place practice of intersectionality, it is the gender scholars we must be grateful for and the only way to keep pursuing positive change is to promote and increase gender studies courses.

Lisa Overton (London, 2018-08-16)


Je signe parce que l'offre de formations universitaires en études de genre est stratégique. Mettre fin à de telles formations est le reflet d'un refus de s'engager dans la voie de la réduction des inégalités. C'est aussi une manifestation d'obscurantisme.

Raymonde Séchet (Rennes, 2018-08-16)


I've been studying gender studies as my major subject at university in Finland, and I consider it to be one of the most important fields within the social sciences. It's important to conduct research with "gender" as the main aspect, and it's equally important to provide this knowledge to students.

Adrienne Westerback (Turku, 2018-08-16)


eine freie lehre wichtig ist für die demokratischen verhältnisse in europa und "gender studien" als sündenbock ungerechterweise herhalten muss für intoleranz und rückschrittlichkeit.

Matthias Scheib (Mannheim, 2018-08-16)


I'm signing because Gender Studies is essential for contributing towards more equal, progressive and prosperous societies. Without such education on a global scale, progress would be doomed to falter!

Emily Scott (Oxford, 2018-08-16)


I'm signing because purely political interference in the advancement of the social sciences presages a new dark ages.

Deena White (Montreal, 2018-08-16)


I don't understand why anyone would want to ban gender studies. They provide important insights into history as well as contemporary society.

andrea jeromos (new york, 2018-08-16)


I am signing because I believe in academic freedom as a fundamental feature of an institutional democracy that must be maintained within all member countries of the European Union.

Anne Dölemeyer (Berlin / Holzminden , 2018-08-16)


Gender studies is a diverse and dynamic field. The CEU has a distinguished program.

Stephen Guy-Bray (Vancouver, 2018-08-16)


I truly believe that gender studies should be established and maintained at every University, not only in Hungary, but worldwide, while Orban's decision must be withdrawn, since this is one of the most incredible attack on core human rights, not being in line with plenty of binding international documents in the area of women's rights and/or gender equality, at UN, CoE and EU level! Furthermore, this is also a pure attack on the Universities' autonomy!!! Is this the world we want to live in???

Mirjana Tejić (Sremska Mitrovica, 2018-08-16)


Orban attacked the core value of the progressive movement women rights and gender equality.

Zita Gurmai (Budapest , 2018-08-16)


University course programmes must be decided upon by the academic staff of the university, and not determined politically. Gender Studies in particular is a well-established academic discipline of international importance.

Jeffrey Dean (Manchester, 2018-08-16)


Academic Freedom is a necessity in any non-dictatorial society. Otherwise...

Nicole Kipar (Glasgow, 2018-08-16)


I am signing because it is outrageous to ban academic disciplines!

Corina Petrescu (Oxford, 2018-08-16)


Gender studies is a crucial part of the academic curriculum, and governments shouldn’t meddle in higher ed for ideological reasons.

Jason Kerr (Provo, 2018-08-16)


This attack on academic freedom is unconscionable

Thomas Johnson (Gainesville, 2018-08-16)


Gender studies is such an important academic discipline! It must be defended against this outrageous attack on academic freedom.

Stefanie Doebler (LIVERPOOL, 2018-08-16)


The evidence of the significant value of Gender Studies programs comes from the graduate students themselve who report that they learned more than in all their other university programs combined. It is important to society - that is to both women and men - to encourage Gender Studies programs to grow and flourish. i speak from my experience as a former Head of Gender Studies at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada.

Bev Baines (Kingston, 2018-08-16)


I believe in gender equality and the research of feminism and it's world impact is absolutely necessary for future development and social justice.

Amalie Osthassel (Sandefjord, 2018-08-16)


Academic Freedom, against mysogyny

Michael Bernhard (Gainesville, FL, 2018-08-16)


Work of extremely important social value is carried out in Gender Studies programs. This includes research into phenomenon such as violence, representation, history, aesthetics, and scientific practice. Not only students of these programs, but society as a whole benefits in the long term from the kinds of scholarly questions and educational practices that are gender-focused.

Eleanor MacDonald (Kingston, 2018-08-16)


I believe in academic freedom and the importance of the gender studies program

Myst Sera (Hanoi, 2018-08-16)


Want Gender Studies be maintained everywhere in the world to contribute to make, at the end, equality.

Emma Rubio (Paris, 2018-08-16)


Programs like this one are tremendously important and deserve our protection! The study of gender in society is acknowledged world-wide as a valid scientific discipline. Several hundred universities offer courses and grant degrees in this field, which develops and presents research on gender inequalities in society and in the workforce, changing societal gender roles, and cultural stereotypes connected with gender.

Regina Range (Northport, 2018-08-16)


I have a degree in Gender Studies and I've learned so much. Everybody should have the chance to do that. We are living in times where critical science like Gender Studies is desperately needed to find appropriate answers to anti-democatic, backlash discourses that are currently gaining power.

Sarah Quast (Berlin , 2018-08-16)

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