Az Oktatói Hálózat tiltakozik a Társadalmi nemek tanulmánya mesterszak tervezett megszüntetése ellen



Gender Studies is acknowledged world wide as a legitimate field of enquiry. This Government ban is thoroughly ideological, undertaken by a regime which feels threatened and cannot tolerate critique.

Rosalind Cavaghan (Glasgow, 2018-08-16)


As a university teacher of gender studies I fully support the condemnation of these attempts to outlaw study and research in Hungary.

Carole Jones (Edinburgh, 2018-08-16)


The study of gender studies is essential for our histories, cultures and selves. It is also important for science, if medicine does not have an understanding of how men, women, transexuals, queer people experience their bodies it may be detrimental to their findings and cures.

Elena Loizidou (London, 2018-08-16)


I´m signing because this action is a violation of the egalitarian principles that promotes Human rights, democratic states and the European Union.

Esther Lopez-Zafra (Jaén, 2018-08-16)


Fontos a szak

Ágnes Juhászné Kovács (Gödöllő , 2018-08-16)


freedom of science, for equality in society research and discussion is necessary

ulrike nachtschatt (innsbruck, 2018-08-16)


This reminds me of some books burned on public spaces

Denise Medico (Montreal, 2018-08-16)


I'm signing because this ban shows the Central European University's ineptitude to evaluate the start of this programme appropriately, and the decision will be perceived as a step backwards with regards to other competing universities. Gender studies is a globally recognised and growing field, and lagging behind in this area shows a regressive and dangerous attitude in this day and age. The ban is already having adverse effects on the reputation of the university, and only a reversal of the ban is the right decision.

Dorien Schampaert (Leeds, 2018-08-16)


Utóljára Rákosiék diktatúrája tiltotta be a szociológiát, mint "burzsoá áltudományt". A társadalmi változások, bennük a nemi szerepek változásának ismerete nélkül nincs megalapozott társadalompolitika és európai haladás.

György Szántó (Budapest, 2018-08-16)


Victor Orban is a fascist and a danger for Europe

Paolo Detassis (Birmingham, 2018-08-16)


Genderforschung unerlässlich in der Wissenschaft ist!

Claudia Bergermayer (Wien, 2018-08-16)


This is an outragiouly wrong decision.

Hille Hanso (Istanbul, 2018-08-16)


Weil die wissenschaftliche Erforschung gesellschaftlicher Ungleichheiten eine Voraussetzung für die Entwicklung einer offenen, demokratischen und gerechten Gesellschaft ist. Das Abstellen der einen ist ein Angriff auf die andere.

Thomas Stockinger (Wien, 2018-08-16)


It does not seem appropriate for politicians to decide on the directions of research ...

Jacek Wachowski (Poznań, 2018-08-16)


Because feminism has tremendously improved the world and will continue to do so. Better study gender.

Susanne Zwingel (Miami, 2018-08-16)


This is a quite staggering attack not only on academic freedom but on the most basic liberal values.

Julian Petley (Littlebourne, 2018-08-16)


The government should not dictate which university courses should or should not be run - this is extremely shortsighted.

Suzanne Newcombe (London, 2018-08-16)


I protest against limitations of freedom.

Jan Woleński (Kraków, 2018-08-16)


Gender studies are needed.

Natalija Micunovic (Beograd , 2018-08-16)


Die Freiheit der Wissenschaft muss gewahrt bleiben!

Beate Littig (Wien, 2018-08-16)


I support freedom, human rights and free education for all especially for women

Ivana Perić (Novi Sad, 2018-08-16)


I am an MA Gender Studies student

Sarah Harvey-Kelly (London, 2018-08-16)


Die Gedanken sind Frei!

Jan De Groote (Brussel, 2018-08-16)


Because I am and my family believe in equality.

Martina Bishop Lašovska (Bratislava, 2018-08-16)


for obvious reasons

Sergiusz Kowalski (Warsaw, 2018-08-16)


Men and women are equal...humans...

Anne-Lies De Bruyker (Gentbrugge, 2018-08-16)


Az aljas és bunkó orbán-rezsim most már a legmocskosabb módon tiporja sárba a Tudomány függetlenségét. Már csak azon lehet vitatkozni, hogy "ezek" nácik vagy bolsevikok...

Vajda Szilárd (Vasvár, 2018-08-16)

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