Hands off culture and media in Hungary!


/ #166 Injustice

2010-12-27 16:43

What a strange coincidence... Just 2 days ago I saw a heart-breaking, yet wonderful British-Hungarian film "Sunshine", directed by Mr. Istvan Szabo. It is a compellingly moving story about three generations of a Jewish family, who are going through three regimes, namely monarchy, fascism and communism. Main protagonists experience just every oppressive element - from an order to change their family name (because it sounds too Jewish), later one of them is being tortured and killed in the Nazi concentration camp, and finally another one of them is being accused of conspiracy against the communist regime, consequently jailed. I keep thinking of grandmother`s words to her grandson in prison: "You are not in prison. They are." (his oppressors)

Today I am reading about firing the theater director on the basis of political affiliation, religion and sexual orientation (according to Anna`s post #154). Not only in Hungary, also in many other countries, including mine, hate speech is becoming trivial. Haven`t we learned anything? Maybe the comparison is too harsh, but it has started with losing job... where is it gonna end? Let`s stop this utter madness.

You have my support from Slovenia